From classical work to collage


With this activity we will bring classical art closer to the participants and we will seek their creativity by adapting it to their taste.


  • To bring art and classical authors closer to the participants
  • To motivate them to use their creativity 
  • To train fine motor skills
  • To work on self-concept and self-knowledge

Duration of the session:  1 hour and 30 minutes

Number of participants: min. 5


  1. Computer
  2. Mobile phone
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, photographs, colours, etc.


To begin with, the facilitator will show the participants a series of different classical works and they will talk in a large group about what these works convey to them, which one they like the most…

Here are some examples of classic works, but there are many others. 

Each participant must choose one of the works, the one they like or inspire them the most, and using cuttings from magazines, newspapers, photographs, colours, etc., they must adapt the work to their style and transmit with it something that represents them or with which they identify themselves.

You will allow enough individual work time for them to think, reflect and express themselves as well as possible. You should not force anything or oblige them to use more or fewer materials. They should flow with inspiration and convey a message through the collage.

Once all the participants have finished their work, they must take a photo and pass it to the person in charge of the activity. 

While he collects all the photos and puts them on a google jam board the participants have to think of a name and a description for their work.

The facilitator will put the works on the different pages of the jam board and will give access to the participants to write the name and description of their work.

At the end, each one will explain what her work means, what it was inspired by and what she wants to transmit.

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the activity participants will be able to:

  • They learned to reflect on themselves and their self-concept.
  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Learned to use the jam board platform