Recycled instruments


It has been proven that music has many benefits: it influences emotional, intellectual, auditory, sensory, motor development,.. It enhances the ability to concentrate and memorize, as well as spatial skills.


  • To work on manual skills
  • To work on rhythmic ability

Duration of the session:  1 hour and 30 minutes

Number of participants: min. 5


  1. Bottle plates
  2. Wire
  3. Cardboard tubes or plastic bottles
  4. Empty Pringles cans
  5. Adhesive tape or washi tape
  6. Drumsticks or a pair of sticks if not available
  7. The cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll
  8. The cardboard tube of a roll of kitchen roll
  9. A latex glove (a balloon is also suitable)
  10. Scissors
  11. Tape


Take the bottle or tube and cut out two circles. Now, make holes in the centre of all the sheets. When you have it, you should attach the sheets to the circles two by two, i.e. take two sheets, pass a piece of wire through the holes and tape the ends of the wire to each circle with tape. Leave a few centimetres between the two circles.

Place all the jars in a circle and tape them together, both on top and underneath, so that they don’t fall off. With the help of the tape, create a strap to hang around the neck, joining two ends. You can line the tubes with washi tape and give them a touch of personality.

Take the toilet paper tube and cut it in half. Then take one of the halves and cut it lengthwise. Roll it up until you have a tube of about one finger in diameter and hook it with tape. Now you have the mouthpiece for the instrument. Set aside.

Take the paper towel tube and a strip of cardboard. Hook it on one end. Take the paper towel tube and a strip of cardboard. Hook it on one end.

Now cut off the end as well. Take the nozzle and the finger of the cut glove. Put the smaller end of the finger into the mouthpiece and hook it with tape.

Take the paper towel tube and put the other hole of the glove on the reinforced side. Hook it with a lot of tape so that it doesn’t come apart.

With all these instruments we can practice rhythms and songs like these:

Bruno Mars – Uptown funk – Con percusión corporal – YouTube


Musicograma “Dance Monkey” – YouTube

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the activity participants will be able to:

  • They have learned to make more complex handicrafts
  • Have trained fine motor skills
  • Have practiced their sense of rhythm