Who We Are

Objectives of Connected by heARTs

* To facilitate cooperation and networking between young people with and without disabilities through the development of artistic activities.

* To grow non-discriminatory attitudes and decrease prejudices towards people with disabilities among the local youth community.

* To empower youth workers and young people’s creativity by equipping them with artistic skill and to stimulate them to be actively involved in cultural life.

Meet The Consortium

INTERKULTURA (North Macedonia)

Interkultura was established in 1997 and officially registered in the beginning of 1998, and it is active on the national and on the international level. The target group is young people in North Macedonia. Interkultura works on promotion of diversity in N. Macedonia & Europe. Its projects are aimed on encouraging and stimulating work in the field of culture and intercultural collaboration


BACKSLASH is a non-governmental youth organization established in 2014 in Valencia, Spain, which aims at empowering youth and the promotion of social inclusion through assisting young people in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competencies.

AMPERSAND (North Macedonia)

Ampersand is a non-governmental youth organization, founded in 2019, which aims to support and empower youth, promoting social inclusion and European values and standards making social impact, while developing youth’s skills and competencies.


ASEDDEDIPE aims at providing the possibility to our educational members (sociologists, professors etc.) to acquire experience and knowledge for the right pedagogical practice concerning the people with disabilities. All our learners are people with disabilities. In addition we aim through our activities to provide disabled with skills so as to ensure employment.

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