Art Nouveau

Aim: Art Nouveau is a decorative style of the late 19th century and the early 20th that flourished principally in Europe and the USA. Although it influenced painting and sculpture, its chief manifestations were in architecture and the decorative and graphic arts, the aspects on which this survey concentrates. It is characterized by sinuous, asymmetrical lines based on organic forms; in a broader sense, it encompasses the geometrical and more abstract patterns and rhythms that were evolved as part of the general reaction to 19th-century historicism. There are wide variations in the style according to where it appeared and the materials that were employed.

Duration:  60 – 90 min.

Number of participants: 5 – 10


  • to explore the Art Noveau style thor different stories and artworks
  • to learn more information about the art style
  • to virtually visit the museums where some of the art pieces are exhibited
  • to discuss the ideas that were inspired in participants by this art style

Materials: computer and stable internet connection

Description: This virtual activity is implemented on Google Arts & Culture via any online communication platform (recommended: ZOOM). Link to the platform where the facilitator lunches the virtual tour and shares his screen with the participants:

Once the facilitator enters the platform, they should start with the bored introduction of Art Nouveau as a style. The facilitator should prepare prior to the activity, and read the text that can be found on the platform.

Once the pass the intorudiction, they can choose from 29 different stories that share more insights and interesting fact about the style, in different fields: fashion, architecture, furniture etc. The facilitator should select 5 stories prior to the workshop and prepare for their presentation.

After the stores, the facilitator will guide the participants in the exploration of this art movement throat different artworks. On the platform 2354 items can be found. The facilitator can prepare them upfront or select few together with the participants. The number of the artworks they woul discover varies of the time they have to implement the workshop.

Once they select on item, a new window opens, showing the artwork, its title, the artis and the year it was done, along with some other information.

They can also see the museum where the artwork is exhibited, and when they click on the button “View on Street View”, it will take them to view the pice virutali in the museum that is shown.

Once there, tha facilitator can show around as they are virtually present in the museum. They can choose if they go back to search for another artworks, or find in in the virtual museum and go back to read more information about it.

Once the facilitator constiders they are finished with the exploration, they should lead a brief discussion to discover the ideas this art style and this activity inspired in the participants.

Expected outcomes:

  • participants have explored the Art Noveau style thor different stories and artworks;
  • gained information about the art style;
  • participants have virtually visited the museums where some of the art pieces are exhibited;
  • ideas that were inspired in participants by this art style were explored.