Crossed stories


Prejudices prevent us from getting to know people one hundred per cent or from getting to know them at all because we reject them. We are going to reflect on this by creating different character profiles.


  • To work on creativity in writing and story making
  • To reflect on prejudices and how they prevent us from relating to each other fully.

Duration of the session:  1 hour 

Number of participants: min. 5


  1. Computers
  2. Internet connection


We will send each participant a picture of one of the following characters via email or the different discord channels.

From it you will have to generate the following file that you will find in the shared folder of google drive

After creating their character’s backstory, all participants upload their character sheets to a drive folder. 

They have to read the cards, which will be without the character’s photo, and they have to match them with the different characters according to their physical appearance.

When all the participants have related the photographs to the cards, each of the participants will explain the history of her character in more depth and say to which photograph it corresponds. 

The facilitator will then ask some questions for reflection:

  1. Do you think you have prejudices when it comes to meeting new people?
  2. What prejudices do you think people have about you?
  3. What should we do in order not to have so many prejudices? 

After reflection, each of you will choose 5 characters, and with the help of your character sheet, generate a short story that links the 5 characters together. 

The facilitator will collect the stories and put them together in a storybook that she will layout in Canva to share with the participants.

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the activity participants will be able to:

  • They have learned to create characters from scratch
  • They have reflected on prejudices
  • Exercised creativity by generating a story from scratch.