Pixel Art


Pixel Art is a form of digital art, created by computer from the use of raster image software, where images are edited at the pixel level. The graphics in most video games for old PCs, video consoles, graphic calculators or mobile phone video games are mostly pixel art.


  • To learn and practice pixel art
  • To train the creative capacity

Duration of the session:  90 minutes

Number of participants: min. 5


  1. Computer
  2. Mouse


  1. First, the facilitator will send via email a link to the website with which we will create the pixel art and some images.
    1. https://www.pixilart.com/draw
    2. Pixel Art Examples

2. From the examples sent by the facilitator, the participants should choose one, first of the simplest, and try to recreate it with the web.

3. Once the participants have recreated the images, they will download the photo and through the communication channel they are using (skype, discord, google meet…) they will send it to their partners so they can see it.

4. The facilitator will now pass them a series of realistic images that they must try to recreate.

5. Once the second pixel art is finished, again, the participants pass their images to the rest of their colleagues.

6. Finally, each participant will make their own pixel art, in their own way and without a reference image. At the end he/she will send it to his/her colleagues.

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the activity participants will be able to:

  • They have learned a new form of art and artistic expression.
  • They have learnt a method of introspection and self-knowledge.