Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Aim: To inspire and encourage participants to talk about art and express their feelings by guiding them through a virtual tour of the artworks of Van Gogh.


  • to learn more about Van Gogh’s art
  • to learn to express opinions and feeling related to artworks


  • computer and stable internet connection


This activity consists of 7 parts of virtual tours of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The facilitator starts the session with some ice-breakers and introduction activities. Once the participants get to know each other, the facilitator shares information about Van Gogh and his art, and then plays a video of Virtual tour Part 1. After each part, he/she should facilitate a discussion, talking about the impressions of the participants and their favorite paintings. If the participants want to talk more about a certain painting the facilitator opens an image of it. Then proceeds to the next video.

The virtual tours can be found here: .

On this link – , the facilitator can find more materials and information about the art of Van Gogh and combine it in the activity as they consider relevant.

Expected outcomes:

  • gained knowledge about Van Gogh’s art
  • gained skills on how to express opinions and feeling related to artworks