By creating rope bracelets we will train concentration, understanding and patience.


  • To train patience, understanding and concentration.

Duration of the session:  1 hour

Number of participants: min. 5


  1. String or thread of different colors
  2. Scissors


One of the easiest ways to make a bracelet is to braid the ropes. To make this bracelet you will have to divide the ropes into three parts. They can be all three of the same colour, although they will always look more striking with different colours. Tie the three ends of the rope together and fasten them with a knot.

They will take the left-hand rope and pass it over the middle rope, so that it occupies the central position. Next, take the rope on the right and pass it over the middle rope so that it becomes the centre rope. Repeat until the bracelet is the desired length. When you are done, just tie a knot.

For this bracelet, you will need two ropes of two different colours. As in the previous case, you will tie the two ropes together with a knot and hold it tight. Take the rope on the right and pass it under the rope on the left. Return to the right once more, passing it over the rope on the left, so that an open circle is left (we will not close it yet).

Next, take the left-hand string, pass it over the right-hand string and bring it out from underneath, passing it through the middle of the circle to the left. Take both strands and tighten the knot. Repeat the operation until the desired length is obtained.

In this case you will need three ropes of two colours: a long and a short rope of one colour and a long rope of another colour. You will join the ends of the smaller rope and fold it in half. Join the other ropes together and knot them all together. The short strings should be fixed in the middle, so you can fasten them with tape, for example.

Take the string on the left and pass it over the middle strings to form a four. Take the one on the right and put it on top. Now pass the right-hand end under the central ones and through the middle of the right-hand rope. Tighten the knot and repeat the operation with the other side: in

this case instead of a four you will form a P. Repeat the operation until you get the length you want and knot the bracelet.

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the activity participants will be able to:

  • They have learnt different techniques for making bracelets
  • They have increased their ability to concentrate and understand